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Selfdrive Tours

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Are you travelling in your own or in a rental car ??

It’s a quite good option to visit the “Garden of Atacama”

We’ll put together your personal itinerary based on your interests and considering our various attractions and our local tourist offer as well as distances and travel times that allow you to really enjoy your trip through the Huasco Valley.

We’ll book all services included in your selfdrive-tour to ensure their availability and that you are well received and attended on your visit.

We’ll adapt your itinerary to the momentary possibilities in the context of the sanitary situation due to covid.

We recommend you to do your selfdrive-tour with an accompanying English speaking guide if the capacity of your car allows it. This way you can take advantage an learn even more about this special valley and you can ask your questions or comunicate your curiosities at any time.

In case that this is not possible, we’ll prepare and deliver you a selfdrive-description that indicates the approximate distances and times, the contacts of the service providers as well as basic information about the places to visit.

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