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Huasco Valley ECOlogical and ECOnomic (fullday)

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ECO Programme ENGLISH opt

Huasco Valley ECOlogical and ECOnomic

Discover the Huasco Valley - where the desert surprises ...

Two active tours moving around by bicycle, on foot and using public transport taking care of our environment as well as of our wallets.

Starting/ending point: Vallenar         Capacity: 1 to 8 participants       Season: possible during the whole year


Southern Atacama – another face of desert (4 days/3 nights)

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 0054 Carrizalillo

0054 Delfine

0054 Isla Chañaral

0054 ballena y bote light

0054 Seelöwen

0054 Ernesto Perfecto

0054 HQ Alkoholmesser

0054 HQ Destilierkolben

0054 Raíces relax

0054 Zieglein

Southern Atacama – another face of desert  

4 days/3 nights (2 - 8 participants) Season: November – March

During this preogram we travel through the southern part of Atacama Region - a place that can surprise. Crossing the vastness of the desert we find oases, fertile valleys and much life. The Marine National Reserve "Pingüino de Humboldt" offers an enormous biodiversity. We make a boat trip around Chañaral Island - habitat of a huge variety of resident and migratory marine fauna such as humboldt penguins and many other birds, sealions, sea otters, dolphins and during Summer different types of whales including the blue whale - currently the biggest mammal of our planet. The Andean foothills of the Huasco Valley are marked by agriculture. Here the most varied fruits are harvested and the widely appreciated typical products such as goat cheese, syrups and jams, the pisco and the "pajarete" (or desert wine) are elaborated in artisanal processes. Taste and experience what characterizes this peaceful rural world.


Olives, Ocean and Cacti (fullday)

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0058 Copiapoa light    0052 Olivos    0058 Roca partida light    0058 Seelöwe light        

 Olives, Ocean and Cacti

Fullday (2 - 8 participants)  Season: possible during the whole year

The coastal sector of Huasco Province in southern Atacama Region stands out for its eternal beaches, its scenic beauties as well as its olive cultivation and the delicious products derived from the olives. The already famous olive oil of the Huasco Valley even obtained the recognition of designation of origin in 2018 and since then it has its own respective seal.

We get to know the small town of Freirina – a place charged with history, that awaits us with its beautiful town square and its national monuments. The Llanos de Challe National Park offers us an insight into the ecosystem of this area. During a 2 km hike we can marvel at the impressive views, the desert flora and bizarre geological formations. With some luck we also can observe wild animals as for example guanacos, foxes, lizards etc. In “Olivos Centenarios” we walk below the most ancient olive trees of Huasco Valley which reach the age of almost 500 years and we learn about olive growing and the family history of the estate’s owners. Of course olives and oil can also be tasted. During the course of our tour we have the option of brief stops to visit the salerooms of local producers of typical products.


Huasco Valley from the Pacific to the Andes (4 days/3 nights)

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0052 PN LdC    0058 Olivo light    0052 Embalse Santa Juana    0052 BB mit Leuten light    0052 Pinte Cerros    0052 Pinte Ofen    0052 Velas Mehuén

 Huasco Valley - from the Pacific to the Andes 

4 days/3 nights (2 - 8 participants) Season: possible during the whole year (Mo – Sa)

A program full of surprises that takes you to know a corner of the Atacama Region whose diversity and contrasts astonish: The Huasco Valley

Desert flora and fauna including many endemic species inhabit the Llanos de Challe National Park in the coastal area, where you can further enjoy a great scenic beauty.

Walk around below the most ancient olive trees of the valley that reach an age of almost 500 years in the “Olivos Centenarios” where you also can taste olives and the already famous olive oil of Huasco Valley which received the recognition of designation of origin.

In the sunny Andean foothills – a place marked by agriculture and the elaboration of typical products such as “pisco” and “pajarete” (also with designation of origin), goat cheese, syrups, marmalades among many others; you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of rural life.

We visit El Rosario vineyard where the recognized artisanal pisco Bou Barroeta is produced, “Raíces” – Agrotourism where we also have a delicious country lunch, and the “Pinte” ravine – a remote and magic place full of history and colours and with a great paleontological richness of which you can contemplate samples in the small museum of the tiny little village with the same name.

On a hill close to the town of Vallenar we get to know the artisanal workshop “Mehuén” where precious candles were elaborated with coloured earth of Atacama. In the same place a buffet prepared with homemade local products awaits us.

To finish our tour we focus on this special sky of Atacama Region while some enthusiastic amateur astronomers through their knowledge and their telescopes bring us closer to the stars as well as to the indigenous worldview which is strongly linked to the celestial bodies.


Huasco Alto - flavours and histories (fullday)

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0053 Embalse Santa Juana light    0053 toneles light    0053 AdC Kirche light    0053 Plaza Pinte light    0053 Granja Raíces light    0053 Pinte Schlucht light                            

   “Huasco Alto” – flavours and histories

Fullday (2 - 8 participants) Season: possible during the whole year (Monday – Saturday)

Let yourself immerse in the very special world of the sunny upper part of Huasco Valley, where histories await you about Spaniards and “Naturals”, about families – peasants and producers of delicious typical productsas e.g. the varied fruits, the goat cheese, the artisanal pisco and the “pajarete” (desert vine) – the last two with designation of origen in Chile’s Atacama- and Coquimbo Region. Get to know the colourful mountains which through their geological formations and their fossils tell you stories about ancient times when they rested on the bottom of the sea. Enjoy with all your senses this place marked by agriculture in middle of the desert environment.


From Valley to Valley (4 days/3 nights)

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 0051 Plaza Tránsito    0051 Los Amarillos    0051 Mathi in Schlucht    0051 Wandergruppe    0051 El Churcal light    0051 Baum Plaza SF light             

From Valley to Valley

4 days/3 nights (2 - 6 participants)   Season: October - April

An active and challenging experience !!!

During this program you get to know and sense the sunny Andean foothills of Huasco Province – a completely rural area that keeps a lot of secrets.

We start in the city of Vallenar and travel first through the Tránsito Valley which is also known as “Indian Valley“ as it has been a place of refuge for the indigenous inhabitants since the Spanish coloization of the zone.

In the village of El Tránsito we share a delicious barbecue in the pleasant familiar atmosphere of a rural hostel where we also stay overnight.

The following day at dawn we drive to Pinte – the starting point of our demanding trekking of two complete days of duration.

We cross by foot the Tatul mountain range that divides the “Indian Valley” from the “Spaniards Valley” (Carmen Valley) which owes its nickname to the settlement of Spanish colonizers in the 17th century.

The route takes us along the footpath of the ancient indigenous inhabitants of the place such as the “Molle”, the “Animas”, the “Diaguitas” and also the Incas who arrived in this area in the 15th century.

Until today, the trail is used by transhumant goat herders - the only human beings that inhabit these solitary mountainous landscapes.

During our crossing, we reach a máximum height of 3000 masl and we spend the night in a field camp.

In the evening of our 2nd day of walk we arrive –tired and satisfied- to the main village of the Carmen Valley: San Félix

We enjoy the well-deserved rest in a rural hostel in the middle of vines and fruit trees.

The next day after breakfast we head back to Vallenar travelling through the Carmen Valley and visiting the small town of Alto del Carmen.

On our way there’s the option to visit an artisanal pisquera (Horcón Quemado or Bou Barroeta).

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