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Atacama – Desert Flowers (Code: 0055)

0055 Añañuca roja light    0055 Mirabilis light    0055 burro y flores light    0055 Ortiga Caballuna light    0055 Taffonie light    0055 Garra León light

Atacama – Desert Flowers   (Code: 0055)

3 days/2 nights (2 - 8 participants)  Season: September to November in years of desert bloom

The blooming desert of Atacama - a unique phenomenon that occurs every few years in the world´s driest desert, due to cyclic climatic conditions.

Experience this wonder of colours, fragrances and live itself in the plains and ravines of this vast desert.

During the 3 days you travel through different sectors of desert bloom in the Atacama Region.

Walking through Llanos de Challe National Park you get to know its wide biodiversity – living species that are able to sleep and resist adverse conditions during years to appear in all their splendor when they received suficient water during winter.

Further you can enjoy marvelous views over Atacama’s coast and be amazed by strange rock formations.


Traveling across Atacama (Code 0054)

 0054 origenes terraza light  0053 AdC Kirche light  0054 Bodega BB light  0054 Strand LdC light  0054 ballena y bote light

Traveling across Atacama   (Code: 0054)

4 days/3 nights (2 - 8 participants)  Season: November - March

Passing Atacama desert from Copiapó airport to the southernmost corner of this región, from the Pacific Ocean until the colourful mountains of the Andean foothills.

On a boat trip around Chañaral island in Nacional Reserve Pingüino de Humboldt, you get to know the enormous biodiversity of this place. Among several kinds of birds, sea lions, penguins and dolphins, during summertime you have a good chance to observe whales,  possibly even the blue whale – currently the largest mammal on planet earth.

The Huasco Valley – a place marked by agriculture in the middle of the desert environment, offers delicious fruits and exclusive typical products. Learn about artisanal elaboration process of pisco and “pajarete” (or desert wine) in the sunny upper part of this valley.


Olives, Ocean and Cacti (Code 0058)

0058 Copiapoa light    0058 Olivo light    0058 Roca partida light    0058 Seelöwe light        

 Olives, Ocean and Cacti   (Code: 0058)

Fullday (2 - 8 participants)  Season: possible during the whole year

The Huasco Valley in southern Atacama Region offers a fertile ambiance in middle of the desert environment.

The small town of Freirina awaits you with its historical buildings, such as e.g. Santa Rosa de Lima church which was declared national monument. In Huasco port you have time to walk on the wide beach, to entertain yourself with the sea lions and pelicans at the fishing pier or simply stroll around  town.

Now we leave the valley and follow the coastal road in northern direction until we reach “Llanos de Challe” National Park.

In years in which occurs the phenomenon of blooming desert, you can appreciate this colourful and precios spectacle.

Walking on a 2,5 km trail, you’ll know the diverse flora that is able to subsist adversity of local climate.

You can enjoy wonderful views and astonish yourself with bizarre rock formations. With some luck you also can observe guanacos, foxes or other animals living in this sector. You’ll have lunch in the bay of Carrizal Bajo – 3 km distant of the park.

Returning to Huasco Bajo we’ll visit the “Olivos Centenarios”. During a guided tour you’ll walk below the most ancient olive trees of Huasco Valley and learn about olive growing and the history of the owner’s family. Before we finish our tour, there’ll be a delicious cocktail with typical products of this fertile valley in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.


Huasco Valley from the Pacific to the Andes (Code: 0052)

0052 Olivos Centenarios light    0052 Huasco Coast light    0053 AdC Kirche light    0052 Pajareteflaschen light

 Huasco Valley - from the Pacific to the Andes  (Code: 0052)

3 days/2 nights (2 - 8 participants) Season: possible during the whole year

A program full of surprises that guides you through different sectors of the Huasco Valley from the ocean until the mountains.

You’ll visit  historical places such as AldeAntonia in Vallenar, the town square of Freirina with its national monuments and Hacienda Armidita in the Tránsito Valley also known as “Indian Valley”.

You’ll learn about olive growing and making of olive derived products – traditional activities in the coastal sector.

In the sunny Andean foothills there are different producers of valued handcrafted pisco and “pajarete” (or desert wine) – the last one with designation of origin in Chile’s Atacama and Coquimbo región and which already enjoys  international recognition.

In an old “Hacienda” you’ll know about its elaboration process.

You’ll  have free time to spend in the small port of Huasco with its never ending beach and in the relaxed village of Chanchoquín in the Tránsito Valley.

Get surprised with the colours and contrasts of Pinte ravine. In the tiny little village with the same name you’ll visit the site museum which exhibits a surprising collection of fossils found in the surroundings, witnesses of our planet’s prehistory.

You’ll  sleep and eat in nice and friendly places where owners will care about you.


Huasco Alto - flavours and histories (Code: 0053)

0053 AdC Kirche light    0053 Pinte Schlucht light    0053 toneles light    0053 Tunabaum light    0053 Parra Armidita light                

   “Huasco Alto” – flavours and histories (Code: 0053)

Fullday (2 - 8 participants)  Season: possible during the whole year  (Monday – Saturday)

Let yourself immerse in the very special world of the sunny upper part of Huasco Valley, where histories about Spaniards and “Naturals”, cataclysms and evolution, about local families – peasants and producers of delicious typical products - await you.

Experience the flavours that characterize Alto del Carmen’s two sub valleys  such as e.g. the artisanal pisco and the “pajarete”, a natually sweet wine of Atacama Desert.

Enjoy colours, contrasts and the warmth of people who inhabit this territory which is marked by agriculture in middle of a desert environment.


From Valley to Valley (Code: 0051)

0051 Pinte light    0051 Iván Podón light    0051 El Churcal light    0051 Baum Plaza SF light            

From Valley to Valley  (Code: 0051)

4 days/3 nights (2 - 6 participants)   Season: October - April

On our way to the initiating point of our two-day trekking tour, which takes us througt the lonely landscapes of Atacama’s Andean foothills, we pass the fertile Tránsito Valley and the colourful Pinte ravine that leads us to the tiny village of the same name. Get amazed with the diversity of millions of years old marine fossils that exist in this place – witnesses of planet earth’s history which are  exhibited in the small local site museum. Here – far away from stress and everyday life – we join an outdoor barbeque below Atacama’s nightsky before we set up our camp to spend the night. The following day, early in the morning we start our 35 km trekking tour direction to the Carmen Valley on the other side of the Tatul mountain range. We follow the steps of the ancient native inhabitants who used this path, unknown by spanish conquerers, to get from one valley to the other passing an altitud of almost 3000 m.a.s.l. On the way you’ll know the different mountainous landscapes, local flora and fauna, vestiges of ancient mining activity and goats grazing which still remains until today. We spend this night in tents in an outdoor camp. Enjoy the silence and peace and the amazing starry nightsky. Arriving to the village of San Félix in the Carmen Valley, a room with private bathroom awaits in a rural lodgement, located in middle of fruit trees and grapes cultivation. Here you can enjoy your well-deserved rest. The next day, after breakfast you have time to stroll around the village before you’ll be taken back to Vallenar.

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