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The Chilean Path Pinte – San Felix (Code: 0002)

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The Chilean Path Pinte - San Félix   (Code: 0002)

Duration:  2 days/1 night

Come and experience in an active and direct manner the path of almost 40 km which connects the “Indian Valley” with the “Spaniards Valley”.

Enjoy the mountainous landscapes, the silence, the starry night sky and the physical requirement while passing the Tatúl - mountain range by feet.

You follow the steps of the ancient native inhabitants who used this path to get from one valley to the other and to guide up their animals to feeding places far from the settlements – habit which is maintained until today.

During the tour you pass different landscapes of Atacamas’ Andean foothills such as ravines, vegas, watersources, mountain slopes etc.

You can appreciate the local flora and fauna, vestiges of past times and an impressing night sky.

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