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Magic Village Tour (Code: 0013)

Posted in Mountainbike

0013 Landschaftsblick    0013 Plaza verde    0013 MTB Pinte    0013 Agua

Magic Village Tour   (Code: 0013)

Duration : halfday

To get to the tiny little village Pinte, you have to bike upwards 8 km through the characteristic fruit cultivations of the “Indian Valley” and the colourful  Pinte - Ravine which presents you an artwork made by nature. Its hills and mountains seem to be painted with a colour palette of different red tones, ocher and purple and its rocks  seem to be modeled by a sculptor.

Pinte – village  is a place without public transport and without internet and mobile phone reception.

Currently it’s inhabited only by some families that dedicate themselves to agriculture and ancient crafts. Framed by the colourful mountains, the village has such a lovely ambience that it seems to be scenery of a fairy tale. It has a little village square with fruit trees and an adobe made church.

Due to the deposits of paleontological vestiges in the surroundings, Pinte today relies on a small site-museum where various fossils of theJurassic, Cretaceous and Triassic, which evidence part of the history of our planet, are exhibited.

The museum further relies on other objects and vestiges of the place which show the particular local history.

To get back to our initial point, you get on the bicycle again to whizz downhill and enjoy the view over the valley. 


Villages of “Indian Valley” (Code: 0014)

Posted in Mountainbike

0014 Radeln am Fluss    0014 Chanchoquín light    0014 Taller Iván light    0014 Campo Tránsito light            

Villages of “Indian Valley” (Code: 0014)

Duration:    halfday

Pedaling we discover different places and villages of the “Indian Valley”.

We get to know its river and landscapes, costums, traditions and handcrafts of its inhabitants.

Thanks to the Tránsito River there’s diverse native vegetation and cultivation of various fruits as for example grapes, figs, oranges, lemons, pomegranates, guavas, mangoes and many more.

This traditionally agricultural desert valley is inhabited mainly by people belonging to the Diaguita indigenous ethnic group who still preserve various customs, craft techniques, ways of building and festivities.


Downhill Chollay – La Arena (Code: 0015)

Posted in Mountainbike

0015 Orangenbaum light    0015 Baumstamm light    0015 Fluss Pampa light    0015 montañas light          

Downhill Mountainbike Chollay - La Arena   (Code: 0015)

Duration:    halfday

In the remote little village of Chollay in the Andean foothills of Atacama we begin our tour.

We ride downhill by bicycle on the edge of Chollay River which, reaching the main valley, meets the Conay River and both form the Tránsito River.

We descend through the valley of the same name also known as “Indian Valley” passing different landscapes and villages.

You can appreciate the ambience full of contrasts offered by this valley of the north which meanders through Atacama's desert environment.

The activity is adaptable with the public transport from/to Vallenar.

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